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January 24, 2023 3 min read

Suppose you've just had your eyebrows laminated; congratulations! This beauty treatment is now one of the most requested services in the industry. That’s why taking care of your brows after lamination is important to ensure they look their best and last as long as possible. We've put together some tips for aftercare to help you maintain and enjoy your brow lamination for longer.

Aftercare Tip 1: Avoid Heavy Products

Before applying makeup, you must wait a few days after getting your eyebrows lasered. This will allow the product time to settle properly and avoid skin irritation or damage. Additionally, it is best to avoid self-tanning products as this can cause the color of your brows to change.

Aftercare Tip 2: Brush Gently

Once the first day has passed, you can use a special eyebrow brush or an unused toothbrush to groom your eyebrows. Doing this helps keep your brows looking neat and orderly.

Aftercare Tip 3: Gel Your Brows

Using a specialized gel can help hold your eyebrows in their desired shape and help maintain the longevity of your brow lamination.

Aftercare Tip 4: Go Oil-Free

It is important to use only non-oily products on your eyebrows, as products with oil can hinder the longevity of the lamination and make it fade faster.

Aftercare Tip 5: Protect against Direct Sunlight

If you're planning to be in the sun, wear a hat or head covering to shield your brows from bright rays. It's also important to avoid saunas and pools since these environments can cause the lamination product to break down and fade more quickly.

Aftercare Tip 6: Stay away from Water First

Not getting your eyebrows wet for the first day after a lamination treatment is important. This means not washing your face, showering, and avoiding activities that cause you to sweat. Doing so can damage the lamination product and cause your brows to frizz.

Aftercare Tip 7: Use Only These Products

Using products that are specifically formulated for use on laminated brows is the best way to ensure safety. Aside from brow gels, powder, mascara, and pencils are allowed. It is important to ensure these products are specifically designed for laminated brows and not just any regular eyebrow product. 

Moisturizers work, too! To keep your eyebrows hydrated, apply a small amount of moisturizer daily. This will ensure that your eyebrows are kept soft and healthy, especially after a lamination treatment. Be sure to avoid getting any of the moisturizers into your eyes.

Additionally, avoid products that contain alcohol, as this can cause the product to break down the laminate. Lastly, avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive tools that could damage the laminate.

Aftercare Tip 8: Wash Them Daily

Cleaning your eyebrows regularly is a must, especially if you have oily skin. Use a mild cleanser and stay away from harsh chemicals or abrasive scrubs. After washing, pat your eyebrows dry with a soft, clean towel. Doing this will help keep your brows clean and healthy.

In Closing

While lamination lasts four to eight weeks, these amazing aftercare tips will keep them looking fierce and on fleek ‘til the next session. 

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Harry Strick
Harry Strick

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