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September 23, 2023 2 min read

You've just gotten your brows laminated, and they're looking oh-so-fabulous! But the journey doesn't end there, babe. To ensure your laminated brows stay stunning, it's crucial to give them the proper aftercare. And what's better than using lamination kits with natural ingredients, like Raw Brow's easy-to-use kits? Let's dive into the ultimate guide for brow lamination aftercare!

The Importance of Aftercare in Brow Lamination

Brow lamination is a game-changer in achieving those perfectly styled and fluffy brows. It's a semi-permanent treatment that lifts, tames, and sets your brows in place. Aftercare plays a vital role in maintaining the results and prolonging the lifespan of your lamination.

Choose Natural Ingredients for Optimal Care

When it comes to aftercare, choosing products with natural ingredients is key. Raw Brow's lamination kits are a great choice as they are vegan and made with gentle, plant-based formulas. These kits nourish and protect your brows during the aftercare process, ensuring optimal results without compromising the health of your brows.

Follow These Essential Aftercare Tips

  1. Avoid Moisture for 24-48 Hours: After the lamination process, it's important to keep your brows dry for the first 24-48 hours. This allows the product to fully set and ensures long-lasting results.

  2. Skip the Gym and Saunas: While we love a good workout session or sauna time, it's best to avoid excessive sweating and steam. These activities can weaken the lamination effect and reduce its longevity.

  3. Be Gentle with Your Brows: Treat your laminated brows with extra love and care. Avoid rubbing or scratching the brow area, as this can disrupt the lamination and potentially damage your brow hairs.

  4. Avoid Oil-Based Products: Steer clear of oil-based products as they can break down the lamination. Opt for oil-free makeup and skincare products to keep your brows in their best shape.

  5. Brush and Groom Daily: Use a clean spoolie brush to gently comb through your brows every day. This helps maintain the fluffy and sleek appearance and keeps your laminated brows looking polished.

  6. Moisturize with Natural Brow Oils: Keep your brows hydrated and nourished with Raw Brow's natural brow oils. These oils are specially formulated to moisturize and condition your brows, keeping them healthy and shiny.

Embrace Long-Lasting Brow Coolness

By following these aftercare tips and using Raw Brow's lamination kits with their natural ingredient goodness, you'll keep your freshly laminated brows looking fabulous for weeks! You'll embrace the confidence of having well-groomed and defined brows that make heads turn everywhere you go.

So, beauties, let's give our laminated brows the care they deserve. With Raw Brow's easy-to-use lamination kits and some proper aftercare, you'll unleash the true potential of your brows and rock that flawless, laminated look!



Dee Al
Dee Al